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About us

"Life is for the taking... sitting around moaning about life... wondering what could be, is pointless! Don't let adventures pass you by...they may only happen once!"

Read it once and you think that’s quite deep... read it again and you realise how accurately it sums up life!

That's what we thought in 2012 when five of us decided to buy cheap bangers and drive to Blackpool in a "Jezza and Co." Top Gear style challenge! From that (possibly London Pride fueled) chat, the Two Tower Challenge was born and five months later, we ran a charity rally that involved thirty people, ten amazing cars and a six-hundred mile round trip to Blackpool that raised nearly £6000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

So, in February 2013, Rally Challenges UK was born! RCUK runs a new and exciting rally every 14-18 months, but in the meantime the team is oh so busy spreading the word across the length and breadth of (the south of) England about Rally Challenges UK in our trusty steeds, TeCTo1, Herbie and our stunning Yellow Submarine!... Check out the 'Our Fleet' page to see them in action.

About Rally Challenges UK

Oh, and the big question... why??

Simply because WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! – In one of the most surreal and amazing ways possible!

As we said, it's oh so simple: We buy "classic" bangers for under £400, turn them into Smurf houses, wild animals, hippy mobiles (oh and we dress to match our cars of course!) and proudly travel across the country to raise money and awareness for the Teenage Cancer Trust!

Go on, get involved... you wont regret it!

Rally Challenges UK... "Don't let adventures pass you by!"

RCUK group with TeCTo1

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