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Ok, so at RCUK we organise the rallies once every 18 months... but that’s just one part of what we want to do!

In the 17.5 months in between, our mission is to spread the word of Rally Challenges UK and the Teenage Cancer Trust across the south of the UK.

Below in the "past events" part of this page are details and pictures from events we have already attended and organised. However, there's no need to miss out on what the RCUK team are up to! For upcoming events, there are two ways of keeping up to date:

  • Visit our Facebook page which is regularly updated.
  • Sign up to our very clever new mailing list (using the form on the right of this page) and we will keep you personally updated with everything that is going at RCUK as it happens!

How ever you want to do it, keep in touch... it's how RCUK works and manages to make a difference!

Past events

CHALLENGE-FEST 2014 Ė FREE Live gig in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Challenge-Fest 2014


On June 21st 2014, "Amnesia", our resident live band, teamed up with Rally Challenges UK again and for the first time "The Crown" pub, Shirley, Croydon for an amazing event!

Challenge-Fest was a FREE gig, open to everyone who enjoys great live music, a great atmosphere... and most importantly wanted to help Rally Challenges UK and the Crown to raise as much as we possibly could for a charity which makes such a difference to young people when they are most in need of it!

Click the Challenge-Fest picture for more information and pictures of the event.

24-27/05/14: "Big Ben to Lands End (& back again)"

Big Ben to Land's End (& back again) 2014




Big Ben to Land's End (and back again) 2014 - Done and (well and truly) dusted!

Big Ben to Land's End was bigger, better, (MUCH wetter) and more amazing than we ever thought possible! Rather than us rambling on here, check out the Big Ben to Land's End page to read and see all about it!

28-31/12/13: "Big Ben to Lands End (& back again) Ė The Road Trip!"

With Big Ben to Land's End 2014 only 5 months away (and counting)... This Christmas, 3 intrepid members of team RCUK embarked on their own adventure! A road trip to finish the year off as we started... by completing the 2014 rally!

The team completed the whole rally all the way from London to the far reaches of the UK and finished in Brighton on New Years Eve! Why? Because we wanted to make sure that the rally in May is perfect... and who wouldn't pass up to opportunity to do the same epic adventure twice in 6 months?!

So was it a success?... It was 700 miles of amazing scenery and great teamwork that made us realise that Big Ben to Land's End (& back again) is going to be an experience like no other! The generosity of so many people and companies that are willing to support RCUK was mind blowing! Keep up to date with our progress on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on our Website!

Over the next few weeks we will be announcing some pretty well known companies and locations that have agreed to support our event. Check our blog, Facebook page and YouTube channel for updates and more reasons why you should get involved.

Be part of something amazing in 2014! Ė Donít Let Adventures Pass you by!

BB2LE recce trip poster

06/10/13: "The South London & Surrey Land Rover Club, London 2 Brighton Run 2013"

Seen as one of the last motor rallies of the season, SLSLRC organise the annual gathering of Land Rover enthusiasts every October.

This year, our links with the club meant we had a pride of place in the main arena of the event! A Japanese estate car isnít what you would expect to find there, but it didnít matter as everyone who walked and drove past it had a massive grin on there face... and that's enough for us!

Thanks guys, a great event and we hope to see you next year!

TeCTo1 at the SLSLRC Brighton Run

29/09/13: "A day in Croydon"

Croydon never fails to amaze us! In the run up to the first rally last year, the people of Croydon showed amazing generosity! This September they didn't let us down!

Our day at the Whitgift Centre was filled with local people who were genuinely interested in what we are trying to achieve and the money raised on the day has allowed us to purchase our very own events gazebo! That may not sound much, but it means we can continue to promote RCUK and the rally over the winter months when the weather wonít be as kind as it has to us over the summer!

Thank you Croydon... you are amazing!

TeCTo1 at the Whitgift Shopping Centre Croydon

15/09/13: "Haywards Heath Town Day"

The Teenage Cancer Trust is the 2013 nominated charity for the mayor of Haywards Heath. We were therefore more than happy to roll out in RCUK style to help promote the event. It may have been drizzly and more than slightly chilly, but that didnít dampen the team's enthusiasm and we had a great day! We even got in the paper!

TeCTo1 at Haywards heath Town Day

11/08/13: "Big Ben to Lands End (& back again) - The launch!"

Six months have passed since ten cars and twenty-five people embarked on the Two Tower Challenge and returned with a sense that they had taken part in an event that was the start of something amazing... How right they were!!

We promised that the TCT rally would return in 2014 and we havenít let you down! Rally Challenges UK is very excited to present: "Big Ben to Lands End (& back again)" - the launch!

What better place to introduce the event than the place where it will end in May 2014: Brighton!

So come and meet us and TeCTo1 and find out just how amazing the RCUK rally 2014 will be!

The Date is 11th August 2013 the location is Madeira Drive, Brighton and the theme is... well, you will just have to come and find out!!!

TeCTo1 in Brighton

"Life is for the taking... sitting around moaning about life... wondering what could be, is pointless! Don't let adventures pass you by... they may only happen once"... See you on the beach!!

27/07/13: "A day in London"

We weren't sure how we would be received but went for it anyway! With Big Ben to Lands End (and back again) starting in Central London, what better place to spend a day dressed as Ghostbusters than Covent Garden?!...

Perhaps it was the weather?... Perhaps it was the tourists? Whatever it was, TeCTo1 did us proud and managed to bring Regent Street to a standstill! They say London is a friendly place... and they aren't wrong! We will be back soon!

TeCTo1 in London

11/07/13: "TeCTo1 on Brighton Pier!"

On a sunny (after the rain had stopped) day in a very busy Brighton, TeCTo1 and the Rally Challenges UK team were out in force spreading the exciting word of the newly launched 2014 rally! With over 700 flyers given out, Big Ben to Landís End 2014 certainly hit the ground running!

Look out for us on the run up to Christmas!... To be fair, you wont be able to miss us! Sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with where we are and when we are there!!

TeCTo1 at Brighton Pier

Friday Night Live

05/07/13: "Friday Night Live"

Rally Challenges UK and our trusty steed "TeCTo1" are proud to be attending Friday Night Live on 5th July 2013.

Friday Night Live is all about setting the stage for local, unsigned bands & musicians to perform. Please visit www.livefridaynight.co.uk. If you love live music, new bands, good company ...This is the event for you!

What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now before they sell out and come and meet us and TeCTo1 in person!

23/05/13 - The Royal Marsden Teenage Cancer Trust Unit 1 Birthday!

Royal Marsden Teenage Cancer Trust Unit 1st birthday

Four of the team were invited to be part of the 1st anniversary celebrations of the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at the Royal Marsden in Sutton.

This is where it all started for us back in 2009 when many of us became involved with the charity so it was amazing to be invited back there a year after the unit started treating young people effected by cancer in our local area.

The unit is inspirational! The facilities there are beyond belief and most importantly, it makes living with Cancer as bearable as possible in surroundings that any teenager would be proud to call home! Simon was particularly keen on trying out the 'pod', a totally sound proof booth where patients can plug in their MP3 players and play whatever they want, how ever loudly they want to. This is just another way that a time in a young persons life that many of us cannot imagine, is made to be more 'normal', when it really is nothing but!

We met a past patient who very bravely spoke to us all about his experience with Cancer and his time in the Teenage Cancer Trust unit. Although, hard to listen to, his is a success story and just went to prove that every penny we have raised over the last four years really has made a difference!

So if you are reading this, then thank you! Thank you because you are making 'us' possible! We have always said we can make a difference... lets make that difference bigger and better!

23/02/13: "Doing it for the TCT" - charity gig and auction

"Doing it for the TCT" - charity gig and auction - 23/02/13

"Doing it for the TCT" was organised and run by our resident band "Amnesia" and the 29th Croydon Scout Group to celebrate the achievements of the Two Tower Challenge and to raise even more valuable funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

By the time the rally weekend had finished, we had burst though our £3000 target... and more was to come! On 3rd March, the 29th Croydon Scout Group, along with our band "Amnesia" organised a charity gig and auction to celebrate the rally and in an attempt to push our final donation up ever further! "Doing it for the TCT" did just that!!

The endless generosity of people on this night... and over the 4 months leading up to it, has meant that on 21st March 2013, a grand total of £5,632.28 was donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The words "thank you" sometimes just donít have the power to express just how grateful and humbled you really areÖbut thank you so so much to everyone who took part, supported and donated so generously to the rally and the gig.

Pictures of the night can be found on our Facebook page.

11/01/13: The Two Tower Challenge 2013

The Two Tower Challnge was our chance to make a difference for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

How did we do this??...

On 11th January 2013, 24 completely insane but completely awesome people met at a damp, cold and foggy Crystal Palace, armed only with a cup of tea, a warped sense of adventure, and 10 old cars which may have been clapped out but were as up for the adventure as much as we were!

There's more information at the Two Tower Challenge 2013 page!

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