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The Two Tower Challenge 2013

Two Tower Challenge card


On 11th January 2013, twenty-four completely insane but completely awesome people met at a damp, cold and foggy Crystal Palace, armed only with a cup of tea, a warped sense of adventure, and 10 old cars which may have been clapped out but were as up for the adventure as much as we were!

The partially visible sight of the Crystal Palace tower signalled the beginning of the once in a lifetime adventure that was "The Two Tower Challenge". Why you may ask? The Twin Tower Challenge was our chance to make a difference by supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust which helps young people affected by the ravaging disease of Cancer. We and our priceless vintage chariots were going to do our best to raise money for a charity which makes every sick teenager realise that life is worth living!

How did we do this??? Well, what better way of spending a long weekend with a great group of people, in £200 bangers which you have spent hours transforming into a Smurf House, The General Lee, a Hippy Mobile or even a Tiger… spreading the word of the TCT by driving 600 miles from Crystal Palace to Blackpool and back again?! And you’re right - there was no better way!

Two Tower Challenge 2013 at Elstree Studios

We knew the weekend was going to be an adventure, what we hadn’t been prepared for was the generosity and amount of support we received from so many people. Event Merchandising, the 29th Scout Group, Elstree Studios, JB Fire Systems, Blackpool Council & Pier, Croydon Advertiser, Elstree Times and The Blackpool Gazette had never heard of any of us or the TT rally before November. Their support meant the rally progressed from a chat over a pint or three on a Saturday night to a charity banger rally that reached thousands of people up the spine of Britain. By the time the rally weekend had finished, we had burst though our £3000 target…and more was to come! On 3rd March, the 29th Croydon Scout Group, along with our band "Amnesia" organised a charity gig and auction to celebrate the rally and in an attempt to push our final donation up ever further! "Doing it for the TCT" did just that!!


The endless generosity of people on this night… and over the 4 months leading up to it, has meant that on 21st March 2013, a grand total of £5,632.28 was donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The words "thank you" sometimes just don’t have the power to express just how grateful and humbled you really are, but thank you so, so much to everyone who took part, supported and donated so generously to the rally and the gig.

Those people who now have a "Two Tower Challenge" T-shirt in their wardrobe can smile with pride every time they see it because they are the amazing people who gave up their time, money and dignity to take part in an event that has made many of us look at life in a different light!

Two Tower Challenge 2013 at Blackpool


So did we make a difference? The rally slogan answers that one:

"Life is for the taking; sitting around moaning about life; wondering what could be, is pointless! Don't let adventures pass you by - they may only happen once!"

To everyone who has made a difference. Thank you, you are amazing!

Simon Chapman


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