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University Challenges 2017
27th May - 1st June 2017


University Challenges 2017 rally

If you have just found us are thinking how much you would like to take part in the 2017 road trip, we are afraid you have missed the boat for this year (literally in one team's case)! It may be too late you join our convoy to Scotland, but you can still find out about our toughest road trip yet below.


The 6 day, 1300 mile fancy dress, banger adventure from Oxford to Cambridge... (eventually!)

All in the name of madness and raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust you say?... Don't mind if I do!

You want to know what it's all about?... You're in the right place!

Well here are the basics of an amazing, unique and possibly insane weekend that will stay with you forever!

University Challenges 2017 is:

  • A 1300 mile, 6 day charity road trip of bangers, all bought for under £450! Oh yes... IN FANCY DRESS!
  • Meeting at the stunning Oxford University, our convoy will raise smiles, eyebrows and £1000s for the Teenage Cancer Trust... all the way along the stunning 1000 route... and wow, have we got one "humdinger" of a route for you!

    This year, or road trip will take us to Blackpool, the Lake District, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fort William, Durham, Whitby and finally Cambridge... to name a few!

    The Scottish highlands promise give us views, roads and memories like no other (look out for "Nessy")... at the other extreme, Blackpool, Whitby and everyother bustling holiday filled town will give us a chance to show off our creations while rattling those all-import TCT buckets! One thing is for sure: this is going to be one hell of a journey!
  • All cars must be transformed from the worn out banger you have just bought into a superior chariot that will make you (and everyone else) smile every time it is seen! There is no set theme for the 2016 event! So get your best and wackiest ideas flowing... the brighter, madder and more outrageous the better!
  • But remember!... you and your team have to be dressed to match your chariot! See our galleries for ideas... It's easier than you think!
  • The entrance fee includes all accommodation, rally pack, a funky "UC16" T-shirt, rally branding for your gleaming chariot, and a night of celebration... Scottish style! All you need is your completed car, your costumes, a sense of adventure and most importantly a sense of humour!
  • All teams will have to raise £100 (per person) sponsorship (and that's how we make money for the Teenage Cancer Trust).

Why would I even think of doing this?

Now there's a question! Well, what better way of spending 5 days with a great group of people, in a fancy dressed banger you have bought for 400 quid, driving 1000 miles through some of the most spectacular scenery the UK has to offer?

Exactly... of course, there is no better way! University Challenges 2016 will be one of the maddest and unique things you will ever do... full of fun, laughter, probably a fair amount of banter... possibly the odd mechanical issue or 60!

We are helping young people affected by cancer in our local area! Rally Challenges UK exists as a direct result of members who have been affected by Cancer and touched by the work of the Teenage Cancer Trust... This is our chance to make that difference! We and our priceless vintage chariots are going to do our best to raise money for a charity which makes very sick teenagers realise that life is worth living!

So why?... Because by making fools of ourselves and each other... by sharing a unique event... by making new friends and upsetting old ones on the way... by taking part in this madness, we are making a difference!

Click here to see exactly where every penny of our money raised goes!


University Challenges 2017 route


Right, we will be honest here... If you're looking for a relaxing summer holiday drive, this isn't for you.

What it will be is an epic road trip of amazing cars, amazing people all working as a team for a common goal... to make sure every single weird and wonderful car and person completes the road trip from start to finish (and every amazing moment in between).

It may not be easy, it will definitely be knackering... but wow, it's going to be so so worth every inch of the journey! Before you decide either way, please read the What you need to know page... Sorry, we know it goes on a bit... but hey, you need to know what you are letting yourself in for!

Head 2 Head 2015 - Two Tower Challenge 2013



The boys and girls of UC17 will be hitting the road on Saturday 27th May. The 6 days and 1,300 miles that will follow are all for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Please help us make a difference by donating what you can to the charity via our Virgin Money Giving page - Click the picture below to find out how!

Virgin Money Giving - make a donation


Drop us a line via our Contact Us page or drop us an email info [AT] rallychallengesuk.org

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