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University Challenges 2017
What you need to know (no-one likes nasty surprises!!)


Saturday 27th - Thursday 1st June 2016


This is a competition... a (not particularly) serious one! The winner will receive the coveted "RCUK buckled alloy trophy" and the knowledge that their banger is the best old rust heap of the weekend!!

University Challenges 2017 is essentially a charity banger car road trip... but with a difference!

To take part in the adventure, each team will need to buy a car for under £450. You will then transform your new banger into the weirdest and most outrageous chariot you can think of!


  1. Every car MUST be road legal
  2. Each team member MUST be dressed up to match your new chariot
  3. Your chariot MUST make every single person who sees it, break out in an uncontrollable smile!!!

Each team will receive a rally pack as part of the entrance fee. In there, you will find a multitude of colourful (and rather artistic we think) rally-branded stickers for your car! This means that by the time everyone meets in at the start on that sunny July morning, we will be ready to rock and roll!

Teams will all meet in a secret location (the exact location will be confirmed). From there, we will start our adventure and our convoy of weird and wonderful cars will embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Our mission for the rally is simple... raise money and awareness for the amazing Teenage Cancer Trust and make sure that every single person involved in "University Challenges 2016" has a weekend that they will remember for the rest of their lives!

Raising awareness is the simple bit... 20 or more amazing cars covering a massive portion of the UK, all transformed into planes, trains and whatever else you may transform your banger into!

Making the weekend into an adventure to remember will be a team effort!... the best way to think about it is like this:

Life is for the taking...
Sitting around moaning about life... wondering what could
be is pointless!
Don't let adventures pass you by... they may only happen once!

Are we all mad?!... Yep, probably!... but wow, we are going to be amazing!


The journey will be split into six days, covering between 150 and 250 miles each day (we did say it would be a challenge)!

The itinerary will be announced shortly and published here on this page.

THE COST (the nasty bit!)


The entrance fee for University Challenges 2017 is £285.00 per person

What do I get for that?

The entrance fee includes:

  • All accommodation (Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tueday nights)
  • Rally Pack (including UC17 T-shirts, super cool rally branding for your cars, wrist bands, ID cards, route plans, evening entertainment pack, discount vouchers, rally programme and much more!)
  • Party night... (we aren't 100% sure which night this will be... but it will be worth the wait)
  • Souvenir University Challenges 2017 album and DVD

SPONSORSHIP - The reason we are all taking part!

We ask for a minimum donation of £150 PER TEAM MEMBER.

While we know that it's not always easy squeezing money out of people; we exist to make a difference to the Teenage Cancer Trust. That's why we have decided on a minimum sponsorship per team... it's only fair... (to be fair!)


Each team will be a maximum of 3 people!


Unfortunately, the risk of travelling 1000 miles in a car bought for under £450 is that the car will decide to call it a day in some god-forsaken road, somewhere just north of the Midlands! The main rule of the road trip is that no-one ever gets left behind! If the unthinkable happens and your cherished motor makes an early exit, we know that we can get you and your luggage to the finish line if we restrict the numbers to three people per car!... so that's why!


Large convoys look amazing! Unfortunately, they are also a nightmare to co-ordinate as we found out last year! That's why we will be splitting the convoy into groups of five teams!

Each mini convoy will need a lead vehicle. It's not a major headache to agree to be the leader! The lead vehicle will be given a route plan for each section. The rest of the teams will follow the leader (just like the game!). If you think you could cope with that, please indicate this on your application form. (There's a handy little tick box on it to save time!)


We will book all the accommodation for your team. We plan to use Travelodges / Premier Inns. Please make sure to let us know the type of rooms required on your application form!

(Please note, accommodation with the rest of the main group can only be guaranteed if you book your place on the rally before 28th February 2017)


Have a long think about the type of vehicle you want to buy and what you want to turn it into! Simple ideas can be the best! You don't have to spend weeks creating a fully functioning Ghostbusters car for instance!

£450 can buy some very reliable cars, but it can also find hateful rust buckets that won't get you to Tesco's, let alone 1000 miles! Take your time and get the right car!

This is what you need to know:

  • Cars must be bought for under £450
  • Each car must be decorated / transformed into something amazing! It's as simple as that! Unlike some previous RCUK events, this year there is no set theme... so let your imaginations go wild. (Think outside of the box... it doesn't necessarily need to be an actual car!)
  • Passengers must be dressed in the same theme!

All cars MUST have a valid: (These documents must be with you on the rally)

  • MOT Certificate
  • Tax
  • Insurance for you and any other required driver
  • V5 Form in your name (or green slip if your form hasn't come back)
  • All vehicles MUST be roadworthy. Responsibility for your vehicle lies solely with yourself.

Please remember we are not above the law! We are all on the adventure to have a great time. All Rally Challenges UK events are run with the Teenage Cancer Trust's support and we must remember that everything we do will have a bearing on their reputation.

Please remember that every driver / owner is responsible for their own driving over the weekend. Rally Challenges UK, Simon Chapman, Rally Challenges UK patrons, or Teenage Cancer Trust will not be held responsible for any issue that occurs as a result of any individual.

Cars break down... especially old ones!... Recovery of each vehicle is the responsibility of each owner.


University Challenges 2017 is not a race... it is an experience like no other! Anyone who has taken part in one of our previous adventures will know that it is an amazingly special event that anyone can take part in and make a difference! Whatever happens, we will stay in convoys, and everyone will make it round the whole route!

It's not a relaxing holiday or a drive in the country... it's 1000 miles in a £450 car that has been pimped as who knows what... and you will be doing this all in fancy dress!

Nope, it's not a holiday... but boy it's going to be fun!

Get Involved... Be amazing!!!


You can register a team right now here.

Application forms in PDF and MS Word format are available here.

Applications are being accepted NOW... don't miss out!

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us via our "Contact us" page or drop us an email info [AT] rallychallengesuk.org

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