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RCUK Fleet

Rally Challenges UK have 3 very special vehicles that have gone well beyond the call of duty! Not only have they all successfully taken part in our amazing UK based rallies, but they also give us the ability to promote the Teenage Cancer Trust at events all over the South East all year round!

Meet the 2014/15 loyal fleet of Rally Challenges UK!...

TeCTo1 - Our Original Flagship Rally Car!

TeCTo1 was formerly a 1998 Subaru Legacy estate and was bought in March 2013 as an honest hard working ex farmer's car. He was very concerned about the boot carpet and scratches on the rear bumper, which it had suffered from years of carrying logs. Little did he know that his unassuming work horse was about to be transformed into something very special indeed!

TeCTo1 main image 1

Three months of dedicated hard work by a great team (bribed with breakfasts in the Café over many Saturdays) resulted in a vehicle which everyone at Rally Challenges UK is very proud to call "ours".

Thanks to the generosity of the team, sponsorship from JB Fire Systems Ltd and many, many evenings spent scouring eBay, we have car that will promote both us and the Teenage Cancer Trust at events all over the south of England.

Winston – Taking RCUK to the future (& back)

Winston is Brighton born and bred and was the pride and joy of an artist who only sold him to us on the condition that we looked after him!

We aren't 100% sure that this is exactly what he had in mind, but since we brought him to RCUK HQ at the end of 2014, Winston has been transformed from a tired, leaky Saab 900 into a loyal chariot that has got far more character and charm that we could ever have imagined!


Having already completed our 2015 adventure, we are proud to welcome our very own time machine to the fleet!

The Yellow Submarine – Transporting Love, Peace (& people)!

Our 1999 Yelow Submarine is the newest addition to the permanent fleet of RCUK. Formally a 2.5 V6 Rover 75, the Sub catches the eye of everyone that sees it…to be fair, how could you miss it with the whale tail on the back. Owned by Graham and transformed with the amazing skills of cabinet maker to the stars, Nick Stiling, the Sub is the newest, fastest ( and by far the thirstiest) of the fleet!

We love the Sub and right from the start, we knew it was going to be amazing…So far, the great British engineering is doing us proud!

Yellow Submarine

So there you have it... These are only 3 of the 16 cars that have taken part in the last two rallies, and they certainly won’t be the last! Plans for at least 2 additions to our permanent fleet are in the pipeline, so watch this virtual space!

Why not get involved in the slightly surreal but amazing world of Rally Challenges UK? You don't need to build anything as elaborate as these cars... you don't even need to build ANY car to be part of the team!

Drop us a line... "tweet" us, "messenger" us, "blog" us... but don't miss out on the chance to make a difference to young people with Cancer and be part of a team that creates memories that last a lifetime!

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